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About Gurteragh Hereford & Newstar Herefords

The Gurteragh Hereford herd was founded in 1996 when we purchased Goldburn Sally a 1st calved heifer at the Goulburn Herd clearance sale.
Her 2nd calf Gurteragh Rambo, sired by Dunrobin Hallmark was a 1st prize winner at many shows and went on to win the Munster Bull of the Year award in 1998.
Showing our cattle became a big part of our lives as our children were growing up and thankfully continues to this day and looks like being so for the foreseeable future.

In 2000 we purchased a number of cows from the Sherlock Herd, these cattle had a big influence on our herd. Gurteragh Albert was champion at Kilmallock Bull Sale in October 2002.
G. Albert was bred by Sherlock Standard Lass who herself was by 93J.
Sherlock Voilet remained in our herd until 2009 (then fifteen years) has left us many daughters to carry on her blood lines within our herd.

In 2003 we purchased three cattle at the Lislaughtin Herd clearance sale.
We now consider Lislaughtin Monica one of our better breeding cows, she being dam of Gurteragh Gladiator the Overall Champion at Nenagh Bull Sale in May 2009.

In 2007 we purchased five cattle at the Quinsboro Herd dispersal sale.
Quinsboro Rose 1st. is dam of our present Show Bull, Gurteragh Justice a 1st prizewinner at many shows during 2010.
G. Justice won the Premier Hereford Bull-calf of the year at Nenagh Show and was also Overall Hereford Champion
Winning his class at Tullamore G. Justice went on win Munster Bull-of -the year at Limerick Show

Durind 2010 show season we also began showing three embryo daughters of Monica with great success.These heifers were 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Munster Junior Heifer of the year competition. This competition was run on a points system over seven different shows, Tralee, Bandon, Cork, Charleville, Nenagh, Cappamore, and Limerick where the winners were announced.

About Newstar Herefords.

In 2008 our son Brian set up the Newstar Herd with some of Glaslough Dandy's daughters and we now use Newstar Hercules as a herd sire at Gurteragh Herefords. He is a full brother to Gurteragh Justice.

Breeding Policies.

Calving begins early July. Heifers are calved down at two and a half to three years as we prefer to have size in our cows and this gives them time to mature.
Over the past years we have carried out a very strict culling regime. Heifers are culled when temperment and/or appearance fail to reach the required standard. Cows are culled after 3rd calf if their progeny fail to meet our high standards.

Farm Management.

All cows are vaccinated for Lepto and B.V.D.
All cattle are dosed for fluke and worms and are given trace elements and minerals.
In 2010 we intend to have all bulls tested for B.V.D.

Calves are weaned at 7 to 8 months, as many of our cows are very good milkers and we like to take advantage of the extra milk.

Our aim is to produce bulls that are easy-calving with good muscle and confirmation being passed on to their offspring, which we feel sure will result in better grades on the new grid system.Add your content here.