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Cow Families at Gurteragh Herefords & Newstar Herefords
Lislaughtin Monica
Lislaughtin Monica

D.O.B. 10-01-1999

Sire: CH 3223 Visa ET 57X IMP

Dam: Lislaughtin Sebrina DH

M.G.S. Corlismore Ambassador.

Monica is one of our better breeding cows and mother of Gurteragh Gladiator.
Gurteragh Gladiator was Overall Champion  at the May 2009 Nenagh Bull Sale.
Her first heifer calves were born September 2009, Gurteragh Juliana, Jolly and Joyce by embryo transfer.
These heifers have had a very successfull show season in the July class in Tullamore where they were placed 3rd, 4th and 6th.
This was followed by a 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Munster Junior Heifer of the year competition. This competition was run on a points system over seven different shows, Tralee, Bandon, Cork, Charleville, Nenagh, Cappamore, and Limerick where the winners were announced.
Sherlock Heather
Sherlock Heather

D.O.B.    22-05-1999

Sire:    Kilronan Knight

Dam:    Sherlock Voilet

M.G.S.    Standard Lad 42L

Heather is a Sherlock Voilet daughter. Voilet was probably the largest cow in the herd. Her daughter Gurteragh Caroline (222) is the mother of Gurteragh Frauline and Gurteragh Graine (393) both of whom have very promising calves at foor.
Her daughter Gurteragh Extra (322) is the mother of our show heifer Gurteragh Katrina (498), Gurteragh Jade (471) and Gurteragh Hillary (434). All are being retained in the herd.
Gurteragh Tess
Gurteragh Tess

D.O.B.    07-05-2000

Sire:    Clonbracken Performer

Dam:    Sherlock Standard Lass

M.G.S.    Standard Lad 93J

Tess is by Clonbracken Performer out of a 93J dam. She is a very correct cow, showing great shape and dept of muscle. She is mother of Gurteragh Candy (223), Gurteragh Jenny (481) and Gurteragh Kit (509).
Quinsboro Rose 1st
Quinsboro Rose

D.O.B.    02-04-2002

Sire:    Tibradden Adema

Dam:    Quinsboro Eva 12th

M.G.S.    Brooklawn Galtee

Rose 1st is the mother of Gurteragh Justice winner of numerous Red Rosettes durind 2010. He won Premier Hereford Bull calf of the year at Nenagh Show and was Overall Hereford Champion.
He won his class in Tullamore and won Munster Bull of the year in Limerick.
Rose is also mother of our Junior Stock Bull Newstar Hercules.
Her daughters Gurteragh Juilet (476), Gurteragh Katelyn (497) And Newstar Holly ET (295).
Quinsboro Rose 2nd
Quinsboro Rose 2nd

D.O.B.   24-10-2002

Sire:    Tibradden Adema

Dam:    Quinsboro Eva 10th

M.G.S.    Brooklawn Galtee
Rose 2nd was a very good show cow winning many championships during her show career.
She is a very large cow bought at the Quinsboro Dispersal Sale at €4400. She is mother of Gurteragh Grace (390)
Ballypherode Starlet
Ballypherode Starlet

D.O.B.   18-11-2005

Sire:   Leamlara Ranger

Dam:   Ballypherode Duchess

M.G.S.   Moyclare King
Starlet has the makings of a top quality show cow, dark red in colour with a great topline, good depth of body with a great backend.
Goldburn Sally

D.O.B.   31-10-1993

Sire:   Bishop Hill General

Dam:   Goldburn Laura

M.G.S. Standard Lad 33N  

ID LQJ/LO2/125

Her 2nd calf Gurteragh Rambo, sired by Dunrobin Hallmark was a 1st prize winner at many shows and went on to win the Munster Bull of the Year award in 1998. Sally was also the mother of Goldburn Beauty (2J) by Domino 36N. Beauty went on to be the mother of Gurteragh Sylvia (53), Gurteragh Edwina (321) and Gurteragh Fauna (369).
Sylvia is the mother of Gurteragh Dympna (260) and Dympna is the mother of Gurteragh Kitty (499).
Edwinas present bull calf Newstar King (333) was placed 2nd in January Bull Class at Nenagh Show 2011.
Lisnaean Angelina

D.O.B.   05-04-1984

Sire:   SJ43G Domino 32L (IMP)

Dam:   Lisnean Rachel


ID UBM/A4/115

Lisnaean Angelina has had a hugely positive influence in our herd. She is the mother of Sherlock Voilet, Sherlock Standard Lass and Sherlock Cherry, three cows who have bred some great show cattle for us. Their daughters and grandaughters are continuing to do the same here at Gurteragh.
Sherlock Voilet

D.O.B.   14-03-1994

Sire:  42L Standard Lad (IMP)

Dam:   Lisnaean Angelina

M.G.S.   43G Domino 32L

ID NVN/L04/125

Sherlock Voilet had many daughters in our herd, Sherlock Heather (46), Sherlock Grace (52), Sherlock Rachel (7N), Gurteragh Angel (140), Gurteragh Eileen (317) and Gurteragh Goddess (376).
Rachel is mother of Buttercup (174) and Grace is mother of Chloe (231). Add your content here
Sherlock Cherry

D.O.B.   11-05-1995

Sire:   42L Standard Lad (IMP)

Dam:   Lisnaean Angelina

M.G.S.   43G Domino 32L

ID NVN/M05/126

Cherry is a full sister of Voilet , her daughters are Gurteragh Shelly (42M) and Gurteragh Enya (309). Shelly is mother od Donna (258) and Flower (361). Enya is mother of Janet (457) and Kim (493)
Sherlock Standard Lass

D.O.B.   20-04-1992

Sire:   Standard Lad 93J

Dam:   Lisnaean Angelina

M.G.S.   43G Domino 32L

ID NVN/J02/123

Sherlock Standard Lass is a half sister of Sherlock Voilet and Sherlock Cherry. her daughters are Sherlock Fergie, Sherlock Diana and Gurteragh Tess.
Tess is mother of Candy (223), Jenny (481) and Kit (509)