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Herd Sires at Gurteragh Herefords & Newstar Herefords
F. H. Noel ET
F H Noel

D.O.B.   23-12-2008

Sire:   Dunrobin 603 87J/C02737431

Dam:   RHV Silver 26E Miss27G

M.G.S. RHV Silver 50B 26E/HC02618437

€uro-Star Ratings

Newstar Herefords purchased F. H. Noel ET from The National Cattle Breeding Centre to run as their senior herd sire.
He is a full brother to Triple A87J Mascimus 4M, Supreme Champion Bull over all breeds in Canada 2003.
Another full brother FH Diamond has bred exceptionally well for mara and Salcey herds in the U. K.
F. H. Noel ET is a five star bull for Suckler Beef Value, Daughter Fertility and Daughter Milk.
When we first saw him we were blown away with his length and presence.
Gurteragh Justice ET
Gurteragh Justice

D.O.B.    10-09-2009

Sire:    Border General V85

Dam:    Quinsboro Rose 1

M.G.S.    Tibradden Adema

€uro-Star Ratings

Justice weighed 616kg at 11 months old at Cappamore Show on 18-08-2010. He is a full brother to our Junior Stock Bull Newstar Hercules.
Justice was shown on 12 occasions being placed 1st on 10 and 2nd on two.
See the "Shows" page for all show details.
Gurteragh Gladiator
Gurteragh Gladiator

D.O.B.    07-07-2007

Sire:   Glaslough Dandy

Dam:   Lislaughtin Monica

M.G.S.   CH 3223 Visa ET 57X/CKVX

€uro-Star Ratings

Gurteragh Gladiator was bred out of Lislaughtin Monica, one of our best breeding cows. Having sold him in 2009 we were very grateful to have the opportunity to purchase him back as a stock bull for thr Gurteragh herd.
He is a full brother to our three of our show heifers Juliana, Jolly and Joyce. He shows good musceling and easy fleshing traits. We look forward to his first crop of calves.
Newstar Hercules
Newstar Hercules

D.O.B.    10-09-2008

Sire:    Border General V85

Dam:    Quinsboro Rose 1st

M.G.S.    Tibradden Adema

€uro-Star Ratings

Newstar Hercules is the 1st bull we got from Rose 1st. As a calf he was very impressive but as we were not showing cattle in 2009 due to work commitments few were aware of him.
He is now the main sire with our Newstar Herd.
He is a five star bull for:
Suckler Beef Value
Weanling Export
Beef Carcass
Daughter Fertility
Daughter Milk
He is in the top 1% within the breed for most traits.
Glaslough Dandy
Glaslough Dandy

D.O.B.    17-07-2004

Sire:    Ballyaville Nelson

Dam: Glaslough Tara

M.G.S.    Clonbracken Mattie

€uro-Star Ratings

Dandy was purchased at the Ploughing Match in Mogeely in2005 at €4000 and has proved to be a great investment. He has left us with some great cattle.
He is the sire of Gurteragh Gladiator, champion at Nenagh Bull Sale and also sired Gurteragh Juliana, Gurteragh Jolly and Gurteragh Joyce winners of September Heifer Class and the Munster Junior Heifer of the year in Limerick.
He seemed to suit almost any cow and gave a nice splash of white to his calves.