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Corlismore Ursla 559

D.O.B.   27-12-2010

Sire:   Grianan Firecracker

Dam:   Corlismore Ursla

M.G.S. Woodview Royal

Our ID 599

Purchased September 2011.
Ursla was 1st prizewinner in her class at the National Hereford Show 2011 and went on to win the National Heereford Heifer of the Year 2011.
She is a maternal half sister to Corlismore Swampy, highest price bull at Roscommon Bull Sale October 2006, when he sold for €6200 to the Ballyaville Herd.
Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney 607
Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney 607

D.O.B.   16-01-2011

Sire:   Grianan Firecracker

Dam:   Corlismorepoll 1 Sara

M.G.S. Corlismore Pompeii

Our ID 607

Purchased September 2011
Sydney was 2nd in her class at the National Hereford Show 2011.
Purchased for her superior bloodline. Her sire Grianan Firecracker was Supreme Champion Hereford at the National Hereford Show, Tullamore 2011.
Her dam Corlismorepoll 1 Sara is a maternal sister to Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney Gem, Supreme Champion Hereford at the National Hereford Show 2007 and Corlismorepoll 1 Sydney 574, Reserve Champion Female at National Hereford Show 2011.
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Grianan Vera J557
Grianan Vera J557

D.O.B.   23-03-2010

Sire:   Bowmont Storm A584

Dam:   Grianan Dana

M.G.S. Grianan Magic

Our ID 577

Purchased in Tullamore October 2011.
Vera J557 has a combination of the best Canadian and the newest Australian genetics. She is very correct with a great topline.
She was 1st in her class at Beef Expo 2010 and was top priced heifer at the Elite Hereford Sale in Tullamore October 2011 where we purchased her for €4400.
F.H. Noel ET
F.H. Noel ET


Sire:   Dunrobin 603 87J/C02737431

Dam:   RHV Silver 26E Miss27G

M.G.S.  RHV Silver 50B 26E/HC02618437

€uro-Star Ratings

Purchased February 2012
Newstar Herefords purchased F. H. Noel 2 from The National Cattle Breeding Centre to run as their senior herd sire.
He is a full brother to Triple A87J Mascimus 4M, Supreme Champion Bull over all breeds in Canada 2003.
Another full brother FH Diamond has bred exceptionally well for mara and Salcey herds in the U. K.
F. H. Noel 2 is a five star bull for Suckler Beef Value, Daughter Fertility and Daughter Milk.
When we first saw him we were blown away with his length and presence.